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Hello, my name is Peter, i'm a founder and freelance graphic designer at Sparrow Creative™ studio based in Ipswich, Suffolk.

I have been a freelance graphic designer and Brand identity expert for over 10 years, with

BA - Graphic & Brand Design, also a multiply certifications gained from Adobe, Google and London School of Design & Marketing.

The outcome reached is a unique point of difference to your brand, combining creative flair and expertise with marketing, advertising and branding awareness. The result is engaging, thought-provoking and effective design with a unique twist, providing an original solution for your brand or product.

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If you’ve got an exciting new project and need my help,
submit your brief here and I’ll be in touch shortly to give you a quotation.
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The Importance of Color in Branding, Logo Design and Websites.

Fact: The color of your logo or brand will determine how it is perceived.

The power of color is often underestimated by many consumers. Marketers spend a lot of time thinking about this important element.

In fact, color is one of the biggest factors that marketers and graphic designers take into account when creating a logo or website for the client. Perception of color can change based on a person's age, gender, personality, income and other factors, which means marketers must understand who their target audience is and how they wish the brand to be perceived.

Any brand’s logo has the ability to drive purchasing decisions and increase its recognition. Color even triggers certain emotions in most people.

Red for instance, has been seen to trigger stimulation and appetite, as well as grab attention -- that’s why brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola and Lego utilise the bright color.

Blue creates a sense of trust and reliability -- seen in logos such as Facebook, Intel, IBM and Samsung.

Orange is yellow’s more playful and energetic cousin. It mixes a more invigorating and active emotion associated with red while employing yellow’s mellower tones. Its aggressiveness tempered by friendliness presents a great color for calls to action. It also shows energy, excitement, prosperity and change – seen in logos such as Sparrow Creative, Fanta, Orange™, Firefox, Harley, Sound cloud and many more.

Green is one of the more restful colors, as it doesn’t force the eye to make any adjustments. The color suggests a sense of balance and calm as well as a connection to nature. Brands which are looking to portray an opportunity for fresh starts and security can consider green as a way to relax the mind, green also represent wealth, harmony, fertility, nature that you can find in our branding too – seen in logos such as Carlsberg, Sparrow Creative, Monster, bp, Starbucks, Excel, John Deere, Android and Land Rover just to name a few.

95% of logos use two colors, and it is of vital importance that the colors you choose look good together. Value, the darkness or lightness of a color, is one of the most important qualities that makes a logo “feel” right to an observer. The best way to check value is to take your logo to a black-and-white copy machine: ideally your colors should still appear very different. If they are too similar in value, even if the hues themselves are completely different, the logo will frustrate the eye.

If your logo tends darker on the value scale, it will give a gloomy feel to your logo regardless of the colors chosen. If lighter, your company will give the impression of dreaminess. If neither is your goal, try and balance toward the middle of the light-dark scale.

Saturation is a measure of Gray of the same value added to a colour. Completely saturated colours (no Gray) are very flashy, while desaturated colours appear older and more somber – think a brand-new shirt versus a dingy old one. To maintain balance, a desaturated colour should occupy more of the total space than a fully saturated colour. Your eye is your best ally when determining saturation balance: when you have multiple logos to decide between, try walking away for a while and coming back to it later, choosing the one that looks right with fresh eyes.