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Stock or Professional Photography for your Business?

Images Are Most Powerful

Look around your world and see for yourself. In an age of information overload, the images you use on your business website, in your brochures, flyers and ad campaigns on Google or Facebook do three critical things:

Photos Brand You Fast and Deep

Because photos are dynamic, colourful and personal, many customers remember images in a visceral, almost emotional way. Yet many businesses trust a generic stock photo to represent who they are rather than hire someone to capture the most important aspects of their brand- their visual image. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you do the same.

Photos Grab and Hold the Attention of Potential Clients and Customers

In a world of thousands of businesses all clamouring for attention, the photographs that stand out, are unique, unusual and special are the ones that catch a consumer’s attention. Are people taking a second look at your photos?

Photos Can Create an Emotional Anchor People Remember and Refer to Forever

If you don’t believe it, think about some of the most memorable images of your lifetime. Most will be news photos because they are unique, memorable and powerful images, but there will images from friends, movies, vacations, other brand campaigns and advertising that you will carry forever.

Photography Sources

There are two main sources of photographs licensed for business use: stock photos and hired photographers. Stock photos are generic photos of people, places and things licensed for commercial use and available to anyone who wants to use them. Hired photographers shoot unique photos that personalize a client’s brand, business and projects.

Reputations and Brand Ruined

Stock photos aren’t such a great option when your competitor is using the same photos. If you’re searching for stock photos using key words like “happy customer,” or “satisfied clients,” chances are your competitor is too.

Bell and Gateway computers found out the hard way. They bought the same stock image to brand their ad campaign and ended up being ridiculed and humiliated on the internet.

False Value

You may save by using stock photography; but then you end up spending those savings on having your designer, spend hours in front of a computer, trying to design around available stock photos that don’t fit the vision, the message or the brand. You can save money and lose value when you only look at the bottom line or the dollar sign.

Sending Mixed Messages?

Does any of your marketing copy say ‘customized’, ‘unique’, ‘trustworthy, ‘relationship’? These are some of the power words businesses use to describe their relationship with their clients. How then will these values be translated when you pepper your website with canned stock photography? If you give your clients customized service with unique products, why not treat yourself as well?

Stock Photos are Generic

Professional stock photographers try to reach the greatest number of buyers, not to create the best or most unique photo for any given individual.

Stock photographers:

Make their money by creating and shooting photos that appeal to the greatest number of buyers. The more popular their photo, the more people buy it and the greater the saturation of that photo in the market.

Want to ensure their designs are not unique or one-of-a-kind. One-of-a-kind photos don’t sell. By being as generic and non-descript as possible they appeal to the most business because they “fit” a cliché, mood or message those businesses with tight budgets and no interest in branding want.

If you want your message to your customers to be, “We’re just like everybody else,” then stock photos will send that message.

Pros of Custom Photography

Custom photography is an investment and a reflection of how strongly you believe in your company. Some of the most compelling reasons for choosing customized photography over stock photos are:

Brand consistency

Your brand is the face of your business. Anything you attach to your brand, employees, design, photography and language creates a message about who you are and what you stand for. Custom photography will allow you to embody your message with visual images that are consistent with your values and something that you can truly say ‘that is so us! When it comes to your brand, there should be no compromises.


When your designer has a vision, there are technical specifications for photographs to ensure the design works. Those specifications include – composition, lighting, texture, color tone, etc. Custom photography gives your designer the tools and the freedom to show what your company, product or people are truly capable of.

One of a Kind

Exclusivity is guaranteed. By hiring a photographer you’ll be the only company with your unique image. Also, with a proper usage agreement with the photographer, you can get exclusive perpetual license to use the image in various ways at a very reasonable cost.

Lasting First Impression

You gain or lose potential clients in 1-3 clicks of a mouse. New clients always check out your website first. If the website photos and visuals on your homepage don’t invite them to stay and get comfortable, they won’t.

Custom photography hooks your client visually; the same way great copywriting hooks them when they read about you. If their interest and curiosity isn’t aroused within those first few seconds, they leave.

First impressions are a crucial time to visually engage them and to show them you share a common emotional connection.

We remember movies, stories and events through photos. If the photos are not unique, they’re not worth remembering or paying attention to.

There are many ways to place customized photography on your website or your next marketing brochure for maximum impact. To discuss ideas and see what Sparrow Creative Studio based in Ipswich, Suffolk can do for you, chat with us over the phone, or send us an email on

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