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So, what makes a successful website, a money-making machine?

Yes, that’s right, a Money-Making Machine, because if it doesn’t, then what is the point of having it at all. This might sound like a crazy statement, but in just a moment I will explain why and how.

For your website to be successful it needs work and it starts with web design in Ipswich and continues all the way through SEO, online marketing, web security and implementation of trust signals. All of these elements need to work together.

This is what we are going to take a look at. To make things easier, I have created 5 crucial elements that make a successful selling website.

The 5 crucial elements that will make your website successful:

1. Website Design

2. Search Engine Optimisation

3. Marketing (On and Off)

4. Website Security

5. Website Trust Signals

These elements are the most important pieces in your business website success.

One thing I want to point out is, that all of the elements mentioned give the best results if they work together. Neglecting one piece can prevent you from generating leads, customers and earning more sales form your website.

You may not need everything mentioned in the main chapters, but more work you put in the better your results can be. Remember that a website can only give as much as you are investing in your website. It’s an ever-evolving system.

Creative and Responsive Website Design by Sparrow Creative Ipswich

The design is very important and such, it should be well thought out. Believe it or not, a website is not some blocks bunched together. Websites are well-thought actions, so your website is performing well. Of course, the design of your website should be visually pleasing.

The Perfect SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Ipswich

This is one of the most important aspects of having a website. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a business website or not. You want your website to rank well and get traffic. Today SEO is more than just keywords, meta descriptions, and links. It’s tightly connected with online marketing.

For easier understanding, we have separated the SEO and marketing. Because there are quite a few things that need to be done to have a good starting point for rocking your niche. A beautiful design and website are not worth anything if it can’t be found on the web.

Marketing – Off Site SEO

Online marketing presents strategies and efforts to get your business found and heard online.

This can be anything from blog posts, social media posts, like it, states anything that is done to attract visitor online.

It’s a really big factor in making a successful website, that will bring in new visitors, reader, clients or subscribers.

I often see that people mistakenly think that off-page SEO is only link building. It comes down to that, but off-page SEO is everything done for your website to rank off of your website.

As for this article, we will mostly talk about link building as a form of off-page SEO. Because the most used off-site method is building links to your website.

But everything mentioned below and under marketing could go under the off-page SEO, as it happens off of your website.

And you don’t really have the same level of control over it, as with on-page SEO.

That’s why it’s important to understand that off-site SEO should be done long-term, it’s not a quick fix.

You can earn links to your website in more than one way. The backlinks can be acquired through various strategies, it can be done naturally, you can build links manually or you can create them by yourself.

Now you might be asking yourself what does that mean.

Let me explain.

If you got your backlinks naturally, that means, that you didn’t deliberately work to acquire them.

Someone found your website, or content and felt that your content deserves to be included in one of their articles, as it was a good addition to their content.

Backlinks that you got from working and contacting influencer's and asking them to share your article, asking your business partners to link back to your website.

Some also ask their clients to link back to them. It’s quite easy for example web design agencies, but it can be done in other industries too. You can also look for broken links and provide you article as a possible replacement for the post that was there before but is now a broken link. That called a broken link building.

A helpful and efficient method of link building.

The last kind of links that we mentioned above were the links that you are creating yourself. You get these links by submitting your website to directories, commenting on blogs and forums.

You can count here also your signature when you are commenting.

Be very careful when using these, because, they can also hurt your website. Commenting on blogs has decreased, because website owners changed the do follow links to no follow links, because of spamming.

With leaving comments on forums you have to first provide value to participants. You can’t just throw in links to your website.

If you do that you risk being banned from the forum (usually you will absolutely be banned).

But you should remember that not every backlink has the same kind of value. There is already a difference between the do follow and no follow links as you might have already guessed from above.

The quick difference is that the no follow HTML tag means, that despite linking to a specific URL you are telling a search engine that you are not endorsing it. The do follow link is the one you want to get most of the time because it will get your website to rank higher. However, this is just the beginning. Links have a different value on the basis of domain authority and the page authority of the website that links to you. But don’t just run out and seek for pages with high authority.

It’s very important in today’s SEO efforts that pages that are linking to you are related to your industry.

Even the popularity of a website can determine how valuable link from that website is.

It’s important that you make sure that when a website is linking to your content is using the correct anchor text (the best thing is to be a keyword or closely related phrase) for the link that they are giving it to you.

SSL Certificate and HTTPS protocol

SSL certificate is an important asset to your website and it will grow even more.

Your website needs SSL certificate to be able to be served over HTTPS protocol, just like ours if you look at the left top corner, I’ll see a little lock icon, this telling you that our site is secure.

This means that the connection between your website and your visitor is encrypted and no one can read information sent between your website and your visitor.

Google has stated that Chrome browser will start labelling websites, that are not implementing SSL certificate as dangerous.

How to know if the website is secure?

You can see a green lock and a word secure written beside the URL in your browser.

It’s even more important to use HTTPS protocol on eCommerce websites.

That’s because visitors, when buying stuff are trusting you with their credit card information.

If the connection is not secured everyone can see that information and steal credit card credentials.

SSL certificate will build more trust in your website but remember that HTTPS protocol won’t save your website from being hacked. That is something that will be discussed below.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS (SSL certificate) is that HTTP sends information unencrypted.

While on the other hand HTTPS, encrypts information and protects the data from being read by unauthorized people.

Let’s start by saying that we hope you never get a message that will say your website was hacked.

Because you worked hard for the success of your website it’s important to protect your website.

That’s why we think this is also a vital part of any successful website.

Always keep your website software up to date. Make sure that the plugins you use are always up to date, so you don’t leave a backdoor open for attacks. Check if your host is providing you with any security measures.

It’s a good idea to implement a web firewall to help you defend against most of the threats that are out there.

By securing your website your brand and website will gain credibility.

Website Trust

To get people to buy from you or to even give you an email, they have to trust you.

The main thing here is to buy from you. Either you offer services or products, be it physical or downloadable.

For visitors to take anything from you they need to trust you.

You can do a lot to be seen more credible and trustworthy by including some of the elements below.

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