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Is it Worth it: For Small or Large Business Owners to Brand Their Vehicles?

Opportunity and Fact: a vehicle can be viewed by 2,000 people per hour in a medium size town! There is a very short and clear answer to that, Small businesses that don't brand their vehicles are missing an opportunity to promote their services and losing out on a huge amount of possible work.

An eye-catching visual design provided by freelance designer like Sparrow Creative Studio in Ipswich, Suffolk accompanied by business contact details can attract masses of new customers and that is a statistically proven fact.

Consider that in traffic-heavy areas – such as central Ipswich – vehicles can be viewed by more than 2,000 potential customers per hour, according to research published recently by multinational signage giants 3M based across the world.

Further, some study’s claims UK drivers spend an average of 20 hours behind the wheel every week (a 31 per cent increase from the 2003 number, interestingly); that equates to 1,040 hours a year, or a month and a half, per person. Given that there are 35.6 million registered vehicles on the road in the UK, according to the Department of Transport’s 2015 figures, that is a huge number of potential customers.

Mobile advertising

“The benefits delivered by using your vans to market your company are manifold,” says Edmund, head of signage and printing at Nanotech Pristine Ltd in Ipswich. “It provides an economical and highly effective mobile advertisement that goes wherever you go, so it's no surprise that vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the fastest growing forms of advertisement because of their high visibility.

The business case study

Mr Edmund says: “The stats suggest that the cost per 100 impressions for van branding can be as low as just 4p, depending on your chosen signage solution. By comparison, a radio advertising slot is likely to set you back £1.20 per 100 impressions, while a direct-mail campaign is even pricier at £1.95 per 100 fliers.”

There are safety pluses, too: by making your vehicles more noticeable, through branding, accidents are less likely. “Studies show that reflective signage helps to reduce night-time collisions by around 40 per cent,” notes Mr Edmund, whose Ipswich-based company offers vehicle wrapping and fleet graphics from £240.

How to brand your van

For the majority of owners of small- to medium-sized companies, the pros of branding their vehicles significantly outweigh the cons. Once convinced, the next step is to choose which solution works best, as there are a number of options – including magnetic signs stuck to the side of the van, partial or full vinyl wraps, or individual adhesive lettering.

Vinyl wraps are the most effective way to apply graphics to your van, and very popular at the moment,” adds Mr Edmund. “They can cover either just a section of the vehicle, or the whole thing. Graphics are printed directly onto the vinyl film, which is then stretched or ‘wrapped’ around the van. The wrap can simply be peeled off, should your branding change or you choose to sell the vehicle. Also, the resale value is enhanced by the capacity of vinyl wraps to protect paintwork against scratches, chips and grazes.”

The message is clear: if your company has not already joined the vehicle-branding revolution, it's time to take action, or continue to miss out on untapped business potential.

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