“There are lots of ways to run a branding business, but this way works best for me. I’ve grown organically, when I’ve needed to. The business is going from strength to strength based on the solid foundation I’ve laid over the last eleven years, from receiving my High School Certificate to gaining a Professional Diploma in Computer Science and Design from a well respected Collage and later on a BA - Visual Communications and Art With Honours from London School of Design and Marketing.


I'm now able to take it in a direction that I’d only dreamed possible. My ambition has grown with the business, and continues to grow. I can't wait to work with more fantastic companies in an

industries I love – I can’t wait”

Z. Peter Marozas

Brand is the basis of everything i do here at Sparrow Creative. Constructing solid foundations whilst respecting clear brand values, offerings and vision, will ensure that everything built from there will flourish.

Brands that are created with heart and integrity will inspire thought and feeling. It’s my job to ensure that your brand’s first impression is a good one, and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

There are plenty of freelancer's and graphic design agencies out there willing to paint a pretty picture to better promote a company to the masses, but what makes Sparrow Creative different is my appreciation and use of the subtleties of design, my considered creative process, and an in-depth understanding of the design psychology involved.

I've invested my all in brand from the very beginning, it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it makes you feel, and in today’s visually shallow culture, it’s very important to hang on to the feelings, they’re what count the most. They shape brands.

My brands are for those who appreciate the long-game, those that value their decisions enough to not be a flash-in-the-pan or overnight success.

The first step when shaping a brand is to fully get to know the client, their wants, needs, dreams, aims, aspirations, fears, strengths and weaknesses. This is more than just how a person or business looks, its about how they feel, how they communicate and how they want to be seen by the outside world.

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If you’ve got an exciting new project and need my help,
submit your brief here and I’ll be in touch shortly to give you a quotation.
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Hello, my name is Peter, i'm a founder and freelance graphic designer at Sparrow Creative™ studio based in Ipswich, Suffolk.

I have been a freelance graphic designer and Brand identity expert for over 10 years, with

BA - Graphic & Brand Design, also a multiply certifications gained from Adobe, Google and London School of Design & Marketing.

The outcome reached is a unique point of difference to your brand, combining creative flair and expertise with marketing, advertising and branding awareness. The result is engaging, thought-provoking and effective design with a unique twist, providing an original solution for your brand or product.

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If you’ve got an exciting new project and need my help,
submit your brief here and I’ll be in touch shortly to give you a quotation.